Professional and Expedient Value Creation, Extraction or Leverage, precisely tailored to meet organizational goals at the Government, Corporate and social/NGO level, based on global level expertise.


    Liz Offers

    Motivational Services – Speaking at conferences, events, workshops, retreats and organizations. Coaching executives, managers and supervisory staff. Designing and leading workshops and retreats. Improving staff engagement and performance for organizational positioning and delivering on strategic objectives.


    She is particularly interested in working with leaders, professionals, management teams, women’s organizations and female leaders.


    Liz Offers

    Consultancy services in the areas of energy, environment, sustainable development, policy, formulation, policy implementation, policy analysis and review, the MDGs, the SDGs and SIDS (small states), oil and gas law and policy, local content and unitization, sustainable energy law and policy, renewable energy law and policy, the green economy, corporate sustainability, CSR, navigating the multilateral space, agenda and policy platforms.


    Sustainable Development Consulting

    High Level Focus on Sustainability Framework Development

    Helping you make your country or organization more sustainable, in terms of the environment and natural resources, but also at the intrinsic organizational and people level. Your organization will become more efficient and garner greater respect/support.

    Sustainable Development Speaking

    Conveying Principles, Best Practices and Inspiring Real Engagement/Change

    I cover a wide range of key topics within sustainable development and am able to motivate and empower organizational teams to act with purpose and passion. I speak to audiences which include governments, corporations, NGOs, Schools and Youth Groups, inspiring them towards excellence and sustainability.

    Authoring Books, White Papers & Policy Papers

    Conveying Principles, Best Practices and Inspiring Real Engagement/Change

    As a thought leader in sustainable development, I am often asked to draft policy papers and various other material to aid the optimal adoption and management of sustainable development initiatives. I also write my own books on various topics of interest.

    Moderating/Leading Conferences and Workshops​

    Inspiring Motivating & Coaching People and Organizations

    Happy people have better relationships and build high performing, goal oriented teams and organizations. My goal is to get people to achieve Self-actualization. We call it happiness. I motivate individuals and support organizations to achieve goals. The organization meets its targets and the individual becomes their best Self. The Self is the inner being, it is at the core of who we are, how we dream, the way in which we see ourselves and what we achieve. When we work on the Self it impacts all our relationships and every aspect of our lives.



    Liz's clients have included:


    Companies from the European Union for the government of St Lucia

    CUC - Caribbean Utility Company

    ECLAC - Economic Commission of Latin America and the Caribbean for the government of St Kitts and Nevis

    EOSG - Executive Office of the UN Secretary General

    FUTUREYE - Australian Consultancy - for Rio Tinto

    LUCELEC - The St Lucia Utility Company

    The OAS - Organization of American States for the governments of Dominica and Grenada

    UNDP - United Nations Development Programme

    UNEP - United Nations Environmental Programme

    UNF - United Nations Foundation

    UNFPA - United Nations Population Fund

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