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    As a writer, speaker, motivator and coach, Liz focuses on supporting personal development and organizational building. She does this by emphasizing happiness. She says that she has had pain and joy, more than enough for her and with some left over. Her life experiences have taught her that happiness is internal, it is not outside of us and it is not given to us by others. When we live with confidence, compassion and kindness, when we work on becoming our best self, we improve our lives, relationships, jobs, and organizations.


    Liz believes in living life with passion. She coaches, mentors and motivates using direct engagement and “stories of struggle and success for the hope-full, happy living.” Her goal is to help people unlock their potential, fulfill their dreams, give of their best and become happy.


    In addition to her motivational speeches, Liz speaks on energy, environment, sustainable development, the SDGs, business sustainability and Small Island Developing States.




    Liz has also been featured in magazines and newspapers globally including:


    Time, News Week, BBC, Caribbean Environmental News, MPeople, MACO, Healthy Lifestyles, Our Planet, Global Energy Affairs, Energy Blitz, Business Barbados, The Nation, The Advocate and newspapers throughout the Caribbean, as well as in Asia, Africa, North and South America.


    Liz has spoken for

    His Royal Highness Prince Charles. His Serene Highness Prince Albert

    His Excellency the Governor of Sint Maarten. The United Nations and its agencies,

    The World Bank

    The Caribbean Water and Waste Water Association. New York Bar Association

    The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

    The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)

    Business and Professional Women’s Club (USA)

    Economic Commission of Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC)

    The Latin American Energy Organization (OLADE)

    Caux Initiatives of Peace

    Salzburg Global Seminar

    Pew Environmental Trust. CARILEC – Caribbean utility umbrella organization

    National governments, Churches, NGOs, Youth and Women’s Organizations





    List of Countries in Which Liz Thompson has Attended Meetings, Conference and Workshops,

    Usually Serving as a Keynote, Feature, Motivational or Principal Speaker or Panelist:




    Canada . USA



    Austria . Belgium . France . Germany . Italy

    Malta . Monaco . Portugal . Spain . Switzerland

    United Kingdom



    Egypt . Kenya . Mauritius

    South Africa



    New Zealand . Samoa



    China . Indonesia . Japan . Malaysia

    Singapore . South Korea



    Argentina . Belize . Bolivia . Brazil. Chile . Colombia

    Costa Rica . Ecuador . Guatemala . Mexico . Panama . Peru

    Uruguay. Venezuela



    Antigua and Barbuda . Bahamas . Barbados . Cayman Islands . Cuba . Dominica

    Grenada . Guyana . Jamaica . St Kitts and Nevis . St Lucia . St Maarten

    St Vincent and the Grenadines

    Trinidad and Tobago



    Liz Offers

    Motivational Services – Speaking at conferences, events, workshops, retreats and organizations. Coaching executives, managers and supervisory staff. Designing and leading workshops and retreats. Improving staff engagement and performance for organizational positioning and delivering on strategic objectives. She is particularly interested in working with leaders, professionals, management teams, women’s organizations and female leaders.



    To hire Liz, click services@lizthompson.life

  • liz's latest BOOK

    Synopsis and Endorsements for Make Yourself Happy



    Make Yourself Happy is Liz Thompson’s first motivational book. Her “stories of struggle and success for hope-full, happy living,” are an essential read for anyone who wants to get off the treadmill of constant dissatisfaction and desire, deal with life’s challenges, pursue their dreams, have meaningful relationships and be happy.


    Written in 4 sections - Self, Others, The World, and The Spirit, Liz’s book is a series of commentaries, anecdotes, allegories, reflections, experiences and stories, told with pain, insight and humour, but always with honesty. The last section of Make Yourself Happy includes a "workbook," reflections on happiness and a set of steps which readers are encouraged to take to concretize personal growth and improved habits.


    Each section is comprised of short meaningful chapters on a range of life topics. Each chapter begins with a quotation and ends with an affirmation. The book is written in a style that makes it sound as if the reader is having a conversation with a close friend.


    Liz Thompson came to the attention of the American public as a Huffington Post contributor.





    Big Achievements Start As Big Dreams . Failure Or Lesson, Which Do You See . Don't Wrestle With Pigs

    My Friends Are My Mirror . People Play Games . Don't Beat Yourself Up, Forgive Yourself

    Let Us Together Build A World Without Poverty . I Am Woman To Be Embraced And Empowered

    Decide What Your Children Will Inherit

    Living Through The Dark Nights Of Day . Your Spirit Knows Your Purpose





    "Liz Thompson brings fresh insights to the pursuit of happiness with engaging stories and advice gleaned from her remarkable international career. Rich with humor, wisdom and spirit, Make Yourself Happy is a guide readers can turn to every day." - Karen Engelmann, Author of The Stockholm Octavo.


    “We live in a world where much is fleeting and transient. In her book, Make Yourself Happy, Liz Thompson discusses the sustainability of happiness and the path to finding it. Liz asks the question, “Can we find lasting happiness?” In this book, she answers, “yes” and tells us how.” - Felix Dodds, International Sustainability Expert, Author of Negotiating the Sustainable Development Goals: A transformational agenda for an insecure world and 13 other books.


    “Liz Thompson’s book, Make Yourself Happy, is inspirational. Written with warmth, honesty, toughness and tenderness, the book’s anecdotes, affirmations, and insights will fill you with new hope and happiness. They resonated with me, as I am sure they will with you.” - Lt. Col, Dr. Andrew R. Harewood, Former Deputy Pentagon Chaplain, Leadership and Development Coach and Speaker and Pastor Ephesus SDA Church, Harlem.


    “For many of us, happiness is as elusive as it is sought after. Make Yourself Happy offers us a highly readable guide to finding the happiness we seek. Liz Thompson signposts that guide with struggle, success, humor and hope. You will want to read and reread this uplifting book and share it with those you love.” - Harold Hoyte, Editor Emeritus The Nation Newspaper, Author of How To Be A Bajan, Eyewitness to Order and Disorder, Political Warriors, Celebrating The Unforgettables and other titles.




    Liz's newest book was officially launched in Barbados

    on Saturday November 19th. Click the book cover above to visit the store.


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