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    In 2010 Liz was appointed as Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations, at UN headquarters in New York, where she had specific responsibility as Executive Coordinator of the Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development. In this capacity she led engagement with political leaders, civil society, the UN’s internal and external stakeholders. She also supported the preparatory meetings and multilateral negotiations in New York and geopolitical regions.


    In her roles she engaged in various activities relating to the global development agenda, working both on the MDGs and the SDGs, supporting fundraising efforts, leading advocacy, the preparation of thought pieces and speaking for the UN and civil society on development issues all over the world.


    In the UN she also served as Special Advisor to the President of the UN General Assembly as well as a High Level Consultant to the Executive Office of the UN Secretary General and UNDP, working specifically on the SDGs. From 2013 to 2015, Liz served as a Senior Advisor to the UN Secretary General’s global energy initiative, Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL). For the UN she led the design and development of the Higher Education Sustainability Initiative (HESI) intended to create a new generation of sustainability practitioners and green institutions of higher learning. This initiative has attracted the participation of eight UN agencies and over 300 universities and business schools in more than 50 countries.


    Prior to joining the UN in 2008 her work in the Caribbean region was recognized with the UN’s Champion of the Earth Award, which she shares with a number of prime ministers and presidents.


    Liz performs consultancy for the Isada Consulting Group. Isada is an Arawak word meaning to do what is right and just. The Arawaks were one of the indigenous tribes of the Caribbean.


    Liz has had papers on energy issues published in several global magazines including Our Planet, Climate Action, Caribbean Business, Global Energy Affairs and for the Society of Environmental and Energy Managers of India.


    She has spoken on energy, environmental and sustainable development issues all over the globe and has also guest lectured or served on panels at


    St George’s University - on sustainable development

    University of Waterloo - on sustainable development

    INSEAD Business School - on the new global development agenda

    Yale University - on the development agenda and the SDGs

    Harvard University - on education and development as well as climate change

    University of North Carolina - on the energy, water, food, climate nexus

    Colombia University - on disaster risk management and development

    University of the West Indies - on environmental issues




    Liz is a former elected parliamentarian and Minister of Government of Barbados. Over a 14 year period, at various times between 1994 to 2008, she held a number of portfolios including Physical Development and Planning, Housing and Lands, and Health but it is for her service in the portfolios of Energy and Environment that she is best known. From 2008 to 2010 she was appointed to serve in the Senate where she led Minority/Opposition Business.


    Amongst her achievements as Minister of Energy of Barbados was leading the development of the policy and legislation to establish and govern the offshore oil sector, the leadership of the development of the first national green economy policy in the Americas, the development of Barbados’ first national sustainable energy policy, leading the construction and use of a solar powered house as a model for Barbadians and as a teaching tool, the introduction of natural gas powered vehicles and the spearheading of the creation of a project to study the feasibility of transitioning the island’s public transport and commercial vehicle fleets from diesel and petroleum to renewables.


    In Barbados she introduced a number of ground breaking policy solutions in her various portfolios over the years. These include the provision of AZT to all HIV positive pregnant women, cutting transmission of HIV and AIDS from mother to child by 95%. The development of sustainable development policy, new public parks and beach remediation, housing for the poor, and the building of a board walk on the south and west coasts, which integrates climate change engineering solutions with social, recreational and economic benefits. She also led or supported a number of community-based programmes.


    In addition to her public service, Liz previously led a Caribbean consultancy firm working in the areas of energy, environment, sustainable development and public policy. In her capacity as a consultant under contract to the OAS, she led the consultancy teams which developed sustainable energy policies for Grenada and Dominica and worked as legal consultant to an EU consortium during which she developed the legal platform to enable St Lucia’s transition to renewable energy. She has also advised energy companies such as LUCELEC and the Australian giant, Rio Tinto. Under contract to ECLAC she developed a sustainable yachting policy for St Kitts and Nevis. She has been a consultant to UNFPA, UNEP, ECLAC, UNDP, NGOs and private corporations.




    Liz is an attorney at law, holding an LLB from the University of the West Indies, an LEC from the Hugh Wooding Law School, an MBA with distinction from the University of Liverpool and an LLM in energy from the Robert Gordon University. Her Masters in Energy Law covers oil and gas law and policy, general energy and subspecialties in renewable energy law and policy. She has done training in alternative dispute resolution, economics and competition law and commercial arbitrator. She is certified in international petroleum negotiations.



    Liz has coauthored and published two books on the multilateral system and sustainable development, From Rio+20 to a New Development Agenda. She is the author of several papers and articles on energy and environmental topics in international magazines.


    In 2016 one of Liz’s papers appeared in the book, “The Water, Food, Energy and Climate Nexus: Challenges and an Agenda for Action.” She is currently contracted to Palgrave to coauthor a book, on health, development and the SDGs.



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