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The Answer Is – Persist



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“Nevertheless She Persisted.” What a wonderful expression.

Persistence is critical to life and to success.

Three years ago, someone gave me a small plant with a pretty flower. I called it Caitlin. Unfortunately the flower soon died. I took the plant to the plant shop and they advised me to get rid of it, that it would never flower again. Since it was a gift and I liked the leaves, I decided to keep it.

I would try to water Caitlin and give her plant food. I once went away for a week and did not return for 6 weeks. I left her in direct sunlight and Caitlin had no water or care during that time and she nearly died. I had to start all over again but I persisted. I even tried to find the right place in the apartment where Caitlin could grow and thrive.

But Caitlin did not give up and neither did I. We persisted. Eventually the leaves came back and she grew so much I had to get a bigger pot. 4 weeks ago, Caitlin rewarded my persistence.

When you are afraid. Persist. Worried? Persist. Have a dream? Persist? Want to give up? Persist? Tired? Persist. Frustrated? Persist. Uncertain? Persist. Challenges? Persist. Disappointments? Failures? Persist!

Whatever your circumstances, if you want to be happy, successful and breakthrough from difficulties, persist.

Just Persist.

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