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By Liz Thompson

· Life,freedom

Recently I gave a lecture for International Women’s Day. During the lecture I commented that in the course of my professional life and to some extent, in my personal life, I had developed the hide of a rhinoceros.

After the lecture, someone said to me that having the hide of a rhinoceros and the ability to ignore the nastiness and opinions of others is what she would regard as freedom. I had never thought about it in that way but I realised she was right. I had freed myself from the chains others had sought to put on me and in doing so, I could succeed be happy.
You can say anything to, or about me. You can do almost anything to me, but you cannot deflect me from the path I set myself. You cannot destroy my core or my faith and you cannot steal my dreams.
With skin an inch thick, giving it a virtually armour plated hide which even lions bypass, and weighing nearly 2000 pounds, the rhino may not be the most beautiful but it is free of most pests and virtually all predators. What do you need to do to free yourself of haters, pests and predators?
Start by developing the hide of a rhinoceros.
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