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WOMAN – Today I celebrate you. Today I celebrate me.

I was born without a penis. The decision was God’s. I had no choice.

When I was younger I did not know who I really was or what I was truly worth as a #woman.

I did not understand the community of womanhood. I did not appreciate the complex creatures that we are, the pains and burdens we bear, the horrific discrimination, insults and challenges we face in life.

I also did not appreciate how precious we are and the role that only women can play in a person’s life, in organizations in our societies.

As I grew older I began to truly see, understand and in so doing, to appreciate all the wonderful women in my life. My grandmothers who were maids. My mother who made enormous sacrifices to fight against difficult circumstances and pull herself up out of poverty. She provided the strength and shoulders, the values and hope on which I climbed.


My Godmothers. My sisters. The teachers who saw my potential, showed it to me an then helped me realize it. The wonderful friends who walk with me on mountains and crawl with me up, through dark, rocky valleys. The women who have made my life special. The women whom I have seen struggle to make a difference in the lives of their families.


The women, who down through the ages have been the back bones of their families and societies, and who, against all odds helped us survive and define our lives, our contributions, our strength. Those who became pioneers and preservers to whom we owe so much. The women who forged the path so our journey could be easier.


And then, in seeing other women, I saw me, through new eyes. And once I did, I celebrated women, who we are and what we are worth. I celebrated myself because I understood my value, irrespective of what others said and did. I knew that I was unique, special, different. I did not need to be anyone else. I did not need to contort myself to make anyone else happy or to shape myself into an image or package that made me more acceptable to others. I am beautiful, inside and out. I am special and precious. I am woman.

I was not perfect. I am not perfect. But God made me wonderful. So I celebrate the woman that I am. I celebrate all women, and give thanks for them.


Women everywhere, we are sisters. Let us celebrate and support each other. Not just today, #InternationalWomen’sDay but always


Find a way today to celebrate the women in your life. Reach out to a woman who has made a difference – a school or Sunday School teacher, someone at church, a family member, a woman at work, or in your community. You know where she is. Find her. Celebrate her. Say “Thank You.”


Mummy, you are 92 now, but I want to thank you




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